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 postnuptial financial agreement examples

Couples who either got married for the purpose of being in love, or for the purpose of financial status in life, or it can also be for business purposes know that when they ever file for a divorce, there will also be the issue with their joint finances. That is if they have agreed from the beginning to have a joint on their finances. This is why a lot of couples opt to have a prenuptial before they get married. However, even if they may have done prenuptials, they are still going to go through a postnuptial agreement in case of divorce. So what is a postnuptial financial agreement and why do a lot of couples need to do this? Is there a reason for the agreement? Yes, there is. Let’s find out.

3+ Postnuptial Financial Agreement Examples

1. Postnuptial Financial Agreement Template

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2. Postnuptial and Prenuptial Financial Agreement

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3. Postnuptial Financial Agreement in PDF

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4. Postnuptial Financial Agreement Example

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What Is a Postnuptial Financial Agreement?

There is a prenuptial agreement that happens before the wedding. Which means that any of the assets of the person will be protected from the other. A postnuptial financial agreement however is quite different. A postnuptial financial agreement is a written document that binds the couple to the agreement. The contract agreement is made in order for both parties or the spouses to outline the ownership of the finances. In case one spouse decides on divorcing the other, the ownership of the assets of their property are then divided into two equal shares. 

How to Make a Postnuptial Financial Agreement

You may be a couple who plans on the unexpected, which is quite okay. Especially when you are not able to predict what may happen in the future. To make a postnuptial financial agreement means that you know what is going to happen in case of a divorce or in case of the inevitable for your other partner. To make it clearer, these are the things you will need for a postnuptial financial agreement.

1. The Spouses’ Complete Names and Address

When you write down the agreement, or when you download any of the templates above, the first thing you are going to notice will be a space for this information. The information of the couple’s names and the address that both of them are living in. In case this is missing, this has to be asked or the agreement will not be complete. The spouses’ complete names and address are the first things that you will notice in the agreement.

2. The Date of Their Marriage

The next information to add is the date of the marriage, the place of where the marriage took place as well. Just to show enough proof that this marriage happened. The date of the marriage is important for the agreement.

3. The Acknowledgement of Their Complete Financial Assets

The next is the acknowledgement and the citations of the agreement. This will be about the complete financial assets that they have.  Whether in individual financial assets or partnered financial assets. All their financial assets should be added. From their house, lot, cars, etc. If there are any children that may be present, they should also be added in the acknowledgement.

4. Signatures of Both Spouses

The signature of both spouses should also be placed at the end of the agreement. In order to end the agreement, as well as to be able to know that everything written in the agreement is true, the signatures of both spouses should be at the end or should be found at the bottom of the agreement.


What is a postnuptial financial agreement?

A postnuptial financial agreement is a document between the spouses when it comes to handling their financial assets. Whether or not they will have it divided into two equal parts or not if one of them files for divorce.

Why is a postnuptial financial agreement important?

In cases with married couples, there is no denying that anything can happen. When the couple plans on a divorce, there will always be expectations from the prenup agreement. If it so happens they never signed one, the postnuptial agreement will mostly depend on who has more of the assets than the other.

Who writes these types of agreements?

When couples have a difficult time in agreeing to agreements like this, they often seek out their attorneys to write the full financial agreement. Their respective attorneys will then discuss it with the couple.

Postnuptial financial agreements are important. They explain as to when or who may get the financial assets if one of them divorces. It also explains from the prenuptials as to what may happen if they divorce or if one passes away. This is why, it is always best to be prepared for things like this.

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