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The happiest feeling in the world is to finally get the job you wanted, as well as your employers hiring the best candidate to take on this job. You finally got the job you fought so hard to get. For your employer, they finally found the right one who fits everything in their criteria. But before your future employee can work for you, there is always going to be an employment agreement between both parties. 

3+ Teacher Employment Agreement Examples

1. Teacher Employment Agreement Template

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2. School Teacher Employment Agreement

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3. Standard Teacher Employment Agreement

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4. General Teacher Employment Agreement

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Definition of Employment

To define employment, this means that a person has applied for a job and got hired at a company or an organization. An individual or a group of people who are paid to work at this company. It can also mean the ability to provide job services for people who are looking for work. In addition to that, employment is a professional relationship between the employer and the employee. This relationship is based on the agreement that both parties are being discussed. The agreement can vary from profit, non-profit and corporation.

Definition of Agreement

An agreement means accepting people who share the same opinion, ideas and thoughts as you. To approve or to accept something as a valid fact. A formal written agreement between two or more parties. An agreement also means the mutual acceptance of two or more people who decide to agree on different terms and conditions concerning legal matters.

Definition of Employment Agreement

An employment agreement is a legally binding contract between two parties or more. This agreement covers very specific characteristics of the employment agreement. The specific aspects that fall in an agreement would be wages, insurance, benefits, bonuses, raise as well as the rules. The agreement must also have terms and conditions and the date the employee was hired.

Importance of Teacher Employment Agreement

As we know that an employment agreement is legally binding. The importance of having this agreement is to give both parties the security and the protection. The importance also means both parties can discuss the terms and conditions, the rules, and employment. As well as the salary, working hours, benefits, and working conditions for the employee. Without this agreement, both parties would lose the security and protection, and may lead to issues that would lead to court matters.

Tips before Accepting an Employment Agreement

I get it, you are going to get so excited because you are finally hired. So the agreement would be a breeze. However, there are some things you need to think about before you sign any legal and binding agreement. Here are some tips you can do before accepting an employment agreement.

  • Read everything carefully – Remember to read everything the agreement has carefully. Do not scan or skim through regardless of how long it may be. If you are going to scan through, chances are you may miss an important detail in the agreement. Even if chances are the agreement is long, read every single detail very carefully.
  • Ask questions/ clarifications – If you have any confusion whatsoever about the agreement, do not hesitate to ask for clarification or questions. Your employer is more than willing to explain the details to you. In addition to that, asking questions shows that you are interested in understanding the terms and conditions that go with the agreement.
  • Make sure that what they say is in the agreement – Keeping track on how and what was discussed is not easy. But if you remembered some of them, search for them. The next tip I can give you is to discuss.
  • Discuss- Discuss the agreement with your new employer. They are more than happy to discuss and to find a platform for both parties to agree on. Your discussion can range from salary, working atmosphere, vacation leave, etc.
  • Make sure the information being placed is correct – This is also important since the agreement is binding. All information that has been placed should be correct.


Why is an employment agreement so important?

The use of an employment agreement is to protect both parties from illegal matters. The employment agreement also introduces the employee with the terms and conditions, the rules and how the company is being run.

What other things should be included before agreeing to the agreement?

Apart from discussing and asking questions, you may also ask about your salary. If it so happens that they did not place the amount in the agreement, you may raise that as a question. Exercise your right as an employee. You have the right to know how much you are going to be earning.

Does my employer and I need to fully sign the agreement or is it fine to simply agree verbally?

You and your employer have to sign the agreement. Legally binding as it is, it simply states both of you are on a platform that you agree on what has been discussed. Signing it simply means that you accept your role as the employee in your employer’s company.

Am I allowed to ask for a copy of my employment agreement?

Yes. If your employer refuses, exercise your right by asking for one.

Before you sign any documents that are legally binding, always remember to read everything. Ask questions about the agreement. Discuss with your employer the things that need to be discussed. Your employers are more than happy to answer. Ask for a copy of your employment. You as the employee have the right to ask for the copy as well as to ask questions that concern your new job. Good luck!

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