Infidelity Postnuptial Agreement

People cheat. You may have heard that line before, by others who say they have been there. You may have also heard of it from married couples who go through a lot of marriage counseling just to cope up with what happened. A lot of people when they think of marriage it is something that is shared between two people. Something so sacred and so intimate that it should stay that way, or as how the wedding vows were being said. However, not all weddings or married couples stay happily ever after, some however do end up being cheated on or are the one who cheats on their significant other. 

This is why a lot of marriages before they even begin or in the middle of the ceremony have this agreement or this contract that states the most important things or the most necessary things. To protect each other against each other as well. Of course one has to go through an agreement of sorts, and to be able to know what kind of information or detail you should be giving, you should also have the knowledge of what you may want to be writing about. With that being said, you can check out these examples of infidelity postnuptial agreement examples. They are not only easy to download as they come in MS Word, Google Docs, Pages and PDF, they are also easy to use. So check them out now. 

3+ Infidelity Postnuptial Agreement Examples

1. Infidelity Postnuptial Agreement Template

Infidelity Postnuptial Agreement Template
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2. Infidelity and Adultery Postnuptial Agreement

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3. Simple Infidelity Postnuptial Agreement

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4. Draft Infidelity Postnuptial Agreement

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What Is an Infidelity Postnuptial Agreement?

When we hear post nuptials we know that this means something that happens after the wedding. This means that an infidelity postnuptial agreement is a kind of agreement usually written for the cheating spouse. It can be for the husband or the wife who would want this agreement to be written down in order for the cheating spouse to know that if they do this again, they must give a specific payment. This specific payment could be in the form of money or anything of value, which can also mean the place they live or any luxury things they may own.

The purpose of an infidelity postnuptial agreement is to make sure that both parties, especially the one who cheated would be able to understand that the consequences of cheating would mean that they must pay something to their spouse, and the more they cheat, the more they must pay. In a way this agreement helps lessen the idea of cheating to the point of divorcing if it goes beyond a certain number of times.

How to Write an Infidelity Postnuptial Agreement?

Where to begin when you write an infidelity postnuptial agreement? We know that agreements come in all kinds of information and purpose. To start off this kind of agreement, you can take a look at these tips below.

1. Fill Out the Names of Both Parties

Just like any kind of agreement, the names and the important details of both parties should be present. If there are children involved, the names and ages of all their children should also be written in the agreement. This is important as to the fact that this agreement can be used against the cheating spouse in court.

2. Define the Purpose

The purpose of the agreement should be placed after the names and introduction of the agreement. The purpose does not necessarily have to be very lengthy. As long as the information about the agreement, the discussion and the reason for the whole agreement in general is present.

3. Add the Witnesses

The witnesses for the agreement can be the partners’ lawyers. The lawyers would then be discussing and stating each of the consequences of the agreement for the cheating spouse. The reason as to why lawyers would be the best option for the witnesses is the fact that they know how these kinds of agreements work, and have the right knowledge to pursue this types of issues in the agreement.

4. State What the Consequences Will Be

The consequences for the agreement should be placed as well. The consequence would most likely be for the cheating spouse to pay a significant amount of money. The amount should also be written in order to show the cheating spouse of the payment. The consequences can range from anything of monetary value or even valuables that are worth when converted to cash.

5. Let Both Parties Sign

Lastly, when everything has been achieved, the information, the copies of the agreement and the agreed consequences, let both parties sign the agreement. This signature implies that all parties present, including the witnesses have understood and agreed that whatever may happen, if the cheating spouse continues, they must adhere to the agreement.


What is an infidelity postnuptial agreement?

An infidelity postnuptial agreement is a kind of agreement between two married couples. This agreement serves as a consequence as to what happens if one of them cheats.

What purpose does this agreement have?

The purpose of this agreement is to make the cheating spouse understand that if they would do it again, they must pay their spouse a significant amount of money or something valuable to compensate for what they have done.

What can be expected in this agreement?

The expected thing in this agreement is the consequences, the amount of money to be given and the information that both parties have agreed to when writing the agreement.

It goes without saying, cheating is a painful way of hurting your spouse. Being unfaithful to the person you promised to marry hurts knowing that they have to go through that. But it happens, and sometimes to a maximum extent. This is why having this kind of agreement is always best when you have an issue with your cheating partner. Let them understand that there are always some consequences they have to face if they are going to cheat. If they do continue regardless of the agreement, then it is your call to make.

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