Long Term Rental Agreement

It is never as easy as it sounds to look for a place to rent. Students, employees, newly weds, or just about anyone who is searching for something to rent out in the hopes for long term. Whether you are renting a house, a lot, an apartment, a vehicle, or even a dormitory, you are hoping to find something that would be for the long term rental use. Since we are not able to predict where we may go next, the best option would always ask for something for long term. However, for this to happen, one must ask the landlord if they can make an agreement with you for long term rental use. As for landlords, long term rental agreements are not always as easy to make or to define when your tenant may have a different approach to renting something long term. This is why having the agreement to serve both parties is necessary. Check out 3+ long term rental agreements for more.

3+ Long Term Rental Agreement Examples

1. Long Term Rental Agreement Template

Long Term Rental Agreement Template
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2. Long Term Car Rental Agreement Template

Long Term Car Rental Agreement Template
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3. Long Term Rental Property Agreement

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4. Long Term Rental Management Agreement

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What Is Long Term Rental Agreement

A long term rental agreement is a document that the landlord hands out to a prospective client. In the hopes of letting the tenant understand the rules, terms and conditions of the agreement and the time frame as to when the next renewal of the rent would happen. In addition to that, a long term rental agreement is often used by tenants who plan on using the place they rented as their permanent place of living. Of course, this may depend on the landlord and the agreement between them and the tenant. Some long term rental agreements do offer to renew their lease longer than just every year. Again, this of course depends on the landlord and the agreement they written out for the tenant to agree on as well. The only difference about a long term rental agreement is the time frame of the lease renewal. Apart from that, it may depend on the landlord and how they may write their agreement.

The purpose of a long term rental agreement is to lessen the risks that apply with a long term rental. Renting out properties or houses can bring along any kind of risk for the landlord and the tenant. To be able to avoid this from happening and any misunderstanding that may come with it, an agreement made by the landlord would be discussed with the tenants before anything to be signed.

How to Write a Long Term Rental Agreement?

Renting out your place to people you don’t know comes with any kind of risk. The best way to avoid that would mean to lose a job you may want to keep. However, I can assure you that there is a different and better way to rent out something like an apartment, a room, a lot, or a house to someone with lesser risks. Writing down your own long term rental agreement is one way to help you check and see. Scanning out the potential tenants to lessen the problems in the future is one way, but another and better one would be a long term rental agreement. Check out the following tips before you begin writing your own agreement.

1. Purpose of the Lease Agreement

What to expect in a long term rental agreement is the purpose. State your purpose of why you are renting, to whom you are renting and how long. Basically the purpose of the lease agreement consists of the reasons you choose to lease and and the laws in your state are also placed here.

2. Costs and Payments

The costs and payments should be highlighted as this is considered one of the most important aspects in the agreement. The costs and payments must be defined to the point that the tenant must agree and understand the reasons for the prices.

3. Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions help the tenant gain enough understanding of how the whole agreement works. As this is a binding agreement, it is always best for the tenant to understand the conditions of the lease agreement before signing anything.

4. General Information of Both Parties

For the agreement to be made official and legally binding, the names and signatures of both parties must be added. The complete names of both parties should be written down in the document. This also serves as a legal file for the landlord. The general information should also be placed so that if there may be things that the landlord may want to talk about with the client and vice versa, it would be easier to contact.

5. Duplicate Copies

As it is the right of the tenant to have a copy of the lease agreement, it is also best to duplicate the copies for your tenants. Of course the copies are only for those who are in the lease agreement. The agreement is confidential and would remain confidential.


Why is a lease agreement necessary?

When leasing things like homes or lands, it is always necessary to have a lease agreement. This is to protect both parties from the risks that usually follow if there is no official document present.

Can the tenant let someone outside the party see the contract?

Unless it is an attorney or the landlord, the tenant must ask the landlord if they are able to let someone else view the contract.

What happens if the tenant refuses to pay the rent fees?

Consequences will come if the tenant refuses, as it is always stated in the agreement the dates of when the lease must be paid. The landlord also has the right to evict the tenant if this kind of behavior has been repeated.

Can the landlord ask for an attorney’s help for the agreement?

If the landlord wishes to notarize the agreement, then the landlord would seek help from the attorney to notarize the lease agreement.

The most important thing to remember when leasing out something is to always check the background of your future tenants. As well as to write down a lease agreement and discuss it with them. The document is legally binding which should also be taken to consideration. Never let your tenant sign something before having to discuss it with them, and vice versa.

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