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A lot of us may see them do their work like cleaning up tables or rest rooms in subtle ways while the rest of us may choose to ignore them. Whether you see them or refuse to acknowledge them, it goes without saying the entire establishment would simply be nothing without them as well. What is this you may ask, well it is basically the housekeeping services that restaurants hire in order to get some help. Restaurant housekeeping may not be something a lot of people are aware of. If they are aware of it, they may be thinking about cleaning and doing the dishes, laundry and all the likes. But not everyone can fathom as to how this would be manageable.

When you think of restaurants you would know that from the sheer size of it, you would imagine how hard it is to keep it clean or decent. Especially when you only have a few if not a medium number of people who also have their own share of work to do. This is why many restaurant owners tend to hire housekeeping to ensure that the restaurant would always be at its best. Housekeeping management services know that to make a deal with their clients like restaurants, they should also be aware of the type of agreement they need to write.

3+ Restaurant Housekeeping Agreement Examples

1. Restaurant Housekeeping Agreement Template

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2. Standard Restaurant Housekeeping Agreement

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3. Draft Restaurant Housekeeping Agreement

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4. Professional Restaurant Housekeeping Agreement

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What Is a Restaurant Housekeeping Agreement?

A restaurant housekeeping agreement is a legal document that binds two parties together. This agreement consists of the necessary details that both parties should know before agreeing to work for the other. To simply put it means that what kind of services does the housekeeping agency have that may benefit the restaurant. In addition to that, a restaurant housekeeping agreement also consists of its own terms and conditions that both parties must follow throughout the entire agreement. The purpose of a restaurant housekeeping agreement is to make sure that all parties have discussed, agreed, signed and promised that they would uphold what is being written in the agreement. As well as the housekeeping agency would keep their end of the agreement by ensuring they would not work for another until their agreement has been settled.

How to Write a Restaurant Housekeeping Agreement

When it comes to specific types of agreements, one must at least know how to compose one for business or for personal use. For this case, a restaurant housekeeping agreement is necessary for two different parties to work as a team. With that said, to write a restaurant housekeeping agreement, there are some things that you need to know and to find out. Here are the tips to get you started on writing that agreement.

1. Write the Names of Both Parties

All parties’ names must be written in the agreement. The restaurant owner, their title, the name of the business and the address. The same goes for the housekeeping agency, and their address. The names are necessary in order to know who you are making an agreement with. The rest will follow.

2. List the Services You Provide

Make a list of the services you provide. Avoid having to write down a service you do not provide in order to sound better in the agreement. The restaurant owner may assume you do provide this kind of housekeeping service even if you don’t. In addition to that, all the services should at least have a short description below. To simply explain that this is what is done, as well as to not let them assume it is something other than that.

3. Add the Number of Hours and Rate per Service

Apart from listing the services you provide, you should also add the rate and the hours it is expected to be done. This is in order for the restaurant owner to know what you may or may not provide. As well as what you may or may not have on the list that may be necessary for them. For each of the services, you should also write the price range and the number of hours it can be done.

4. Follow Up on the Schedules Agreed On

Make a follow up every now and then in order to check with the restaurant owner. As there are some cases wherein the restaurant may need some extra help while there are cases where they need less. It is also best to state that the housekeeping agency would follow up on their employees of their schedules within the time frame of the agreement.

5. Sign the Agreement and Hand in a Copy

Last but not the least, sign the agreement. Only let them sign the agreement when the interested party has agreed to the rates, the hours and the services your agency provides. When that is done, sign it and hand in a copy of the exact agreement to the interested party.


What is a restaurant housekeeping agreement?

A restaurant housekeeping agreement is a document that legally binds two parties to a specific type of agreement. The restaurant owner asks for the help or services of the housekeeping agency to provide the services that are necessary for the restaurant.

Why do you need an agreement?

Anything that involves two or more parties should need a written agreement. As this is business, anything can happen, and it is always best to have a written agreement as well as a verbal agreement.

When is it best to write down the services offered?

When you write your agreement, also add a type of checklist or a type of list that states the services. The best time to add it is when you are explaining in detail through your agreement.

Restaurants have a way of keeping it looking like they are always spotless to guests and clients. The secret to that is a good housekeeping service. This is why many restaurant owners seek help from housekeeping agencies to uphold the idea that a clean restaurant may attract more paying customers. With that, they would also need a good agreement to make sure everything is done smoothly.

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