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According to the statistics there is about a 3.6% rate of unemployment in the USA alone. There are some unemployed people who would prefer to go through an employment agency than to have to apply directly at a company. There are of course some who are advised to go through an employment agency than to go directly at a company for various legal reasons. These reasons can vary from age to place of employment and even profession. However, regardless of the reasons that some people may opt for an employment agency, there is also something they need to know and need to accept. When you opt for the employment agency, you would also have to sign an agreement. What agreement is this you may ask, to check out what kind of agreement it would be, let’s head on over to 3+ employment agency agreement examples.

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3+ Employment Agency Agreement Examples

1. Employment Agency Agreement Template

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2. Formal Employment Agency Agreement

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3. General Employment Agency Agreement

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4. Company Employment Agency Agreement

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What Is an Employment Agency Agreement?

An employment agency agreement is a type of essential document between the unemployed person and the employment agency. This agreement caters to the wants and needs of both parties. Bear in mind that an unemployed person would go to an employment agency to ask to be hired or for the employment agency to send the person to a company or place to work. The agreement that they both discussed and signed would explain the rules, terms and conditions for the other party to know and to take notice of. In addition to that, the purpose of an employment agency agreement is to make sure that when you are looking for a job the agency has to give you the exact terms that you should agree on as long as you are under their supervision.

How to Write an Employment Agency Agreement

Writing an employment agency agreement does not have to be that difficult nor does it have to be that complicated as well. Just like any other kind of agreement, an employment agency agreement may have almost the same information but the only difference would be the information that the agency may be giving. Here are some ways to get you to write an employment agency agreement

1. Give the Names of All Parties

Names of all parties who are going to be receiving the agreement from your agency. Regardless of how many clients you may have, you must always write all the names of the other parties as well as your own. This is an important part of your agreement. The complete names of the other parties should be written. No abbreviations as much as possible.

2. Terms and Conditions

Each agency has their own terms and conditions. Place the terms and conditions of your agency and explain in detail about it. The other party has to be fully aware about it as well as to be fully aware of what they are expecting in the agreement.

3. Termination Dates

Many agreements may not show termination dates, but for an employment agency, it should be made aware. Another thing to take notice of in agreements are the termination dates. When would the agreement start and when will it end. The termination dates must be specific and clear. This way, the other party who asked for the help in your employment agency would be able to know more about it. Termination dates are very important.

4. Make Copies for You and Your Client

For every party you may have, always make sure to give the exact copy of the agreement that all parties have agreed, discussed and signed for. That way, if there are any misunderstandings that may happen, it would be easier to tackle it.

5. Signatures

Signatures of both parties are important. This means that the parties in question have agreed to it, have discussed it and would follow everything that has been written in the agreement. Failure to follow the agreement may result in consequences.


What is an employment agency agreement?

An employment agency agreement is a binding document between two or more parties who render their service, time and financial resources to help a different set of parties to land a job. The agreement states the terms and conditions of the agency and the other party only has to follow what is being discussed and signed in the paper.

Why is the termination date necessary for an agreement?

We all know that nothing is going to be permanent, to make sure that the other party knows this, the termination date should also be present.

Should a person asking for help from the agency pay the agency?

Not all agencies ask for payment at the start of asking for their help, however, when they do find you the job that you require, the payment is present. Most of the time, the agency would explain how the payment and their job works. If you are not sure about it, you may also look at your contract. There would be some information about that there.

There are a lot of people seeking out jobs from agencies. What they should also know is to read the agreement being given to them before they sign anything binding. Employment agencies should also know that the agreement they give to those seeking out help for jobs should also uphold their end of the agreement.

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