Disciplinary Action Plan

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Disciplinary Action Plan

Imagine a world without any rules, and that everyone could do just about anything they please. Many may want to live in this type of world while others may find it stressful. Living in a world with no rules includes a lot of acts that are not supposed to be done during working hours or during any time of the day. Continue with this thought but the scenery is in the office. No rules, no nothing. Letting everyone do as they please. Do you think this would be the type of workplace that one might enjoy? Do you think this would benefit others? If you say no, you would know the reason why a disciplinary action is an option and for others it is part of the rules and regulations of a company. However, when it comes to writing out a good disciplinary action, where does one even learn where to begin? Have you thought about it? How do people in charge of discipline write this? If so, this article will be of sure help for you. Here are some 3+ disciplinary action plan examples for you in MS Word, PDF, Docs and Pages to help you get started.

3+ Disciplinary Action Plan Examples

1. Disciplinary Action Plan Template

Disciplinary Action Plan Template
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2. Progressive Disciplinary Action Plan

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3. Standard Disciplinary Action Plan

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4. Disciplinary Action Plan in PDF

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What Is a Disciplinary Action Plan?

Before we begin, let us first define what an action plan is. An action plan is a plan that we set to motion. A goal we want to achieve at a particular time. A stepping stone to getting to the plans we want to do. A goal if you would like to look at it. In addition to that, it is a proposed set of ideas and plans. Now that we know what that means, let us now define what a disciplinary action plan is. So a disciplinary action plan is a set of rules that you put in place in the workplace to avoid any misconduct among employees. Disciplinary action plans are made to ensure that everyone follows the set of rules being placed for their own good and safety.

How to Write a Disciplinary Action Plan?

Have you had the opportunity to write out your own action plan concerning discipline or as we call it a disciplinary action plan? We know that there are a lot of things that you need to take to consideration when you write one. Not only that, there are also some things to take into consideration. Here are some tips for you to help you get into writing your very onw disciplinary action plan.

1. Think of What You Want to Place

We all know that there are a lot of types of disciplinary actions. If you want to place a specific type or a general type is clearly up to you. What matters is the fact that you are also going to have to explain what this disciplinary action is for. This also means that you have to add the severity of the disciplinary action and adding to that would be the warning and the strikes.

2. Get a Glimpse of the Person’s Performance

What we mean by this is the person’s history of either breaking the rules vs the history of their good deeds. This is especially true if you are making an action plan for discipline for a school setting. Basically, there are two sides of the same story. One must at least hear out the person’s reason for the poor performance before giving the level of warnings. If this has happened before, of course executing the disciplinary action would be quicker. However, for those who are still new to this, you must always think before doing and give the right or the proper disciplinary action.

3. State Each Level of Disciplinary Action

Each level of discipline must come with the correct disciplinary action. Write it in your action plan about the levels of disciplinary action. From verbal warnings to written warnings and of course the last and expected one is termination. This way, it is easier for all of your employees to know where they stand and what the consequences are if they do not follow the rules given. This also goes with students.

4. Make It Short but Concise

Make your disciplinary action plan short but concise. There is no need to set up examples for each of the levels if you are used to writing these. Having to set up your action plan for discipline may take a lot of time and effort on your part. So when you write them down, make it concise but short. Explanations should be clear and not vague.

5. Execute Your Plan

Last but not the least, it is time to execute your plan. From the stepping stone to the actual goal you set for yourself. Be careful if you think you are not ready. Find a situation wherein you are able to use the disciplinary action plan that you have made and see for yourself if there should be some improvements that you can make.


Why is a disciplinary action plan necessary?

When you plan on writing a disciplinary action for work, you must always think of what to place and the appropriate sanctions to give. So it’s basically not as easy as one may think. The action plan helps by outlining what you should be writing about.

Is a verbal warning considered a disciplinary warning?

A verbal warning is considered a disciplinary action. Since this level is simply telling the person that they are given a fair warning before heading to a different level. This also means that they have the chance to undo their misdeeds.

What should be avoided when writing a discipline action plan?

Forgetting the level of punishments. These are important as this is what makes the whole disciplinary action take place.

This is the end of the article. When you plan on writing a discipline action plan, always make an outline of how you want it to go. By writing an action plan for it, this will also be helpful and would not take much of your time. Good luck!

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