Housekeeping Action Plan

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Housekeeping Action Plan

People who think that working in housekeeping or any hospitality industry is easy. But the truth is, no job is ever easy. Housekeeping is the same, it is not as easy as anyone would think or say. You have to go through a lot of planning for the day, and be as meticulous with your work too. Having to keep the whole place spotless and finishing everything before moving on is no easy feat either. If you are looking for a good action plan for housekeeping, I highly recommend you to check out 3+ housekeeping action plan examples in PDF. 

3+ Housekeeping Action Plan Examples

1. Employee Housekeeping Action Plan

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2. Housekeeping Corrective Action Plan

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3. Housekeeping Services Action Plan

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4. Housekeeping Action Plan Template

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Definition of Housekeeping

Housekeeping means the management of a home or a hotel. Any place that needs cleaning done. Housekeeping is a job that manages household affairs. A type of work that manages, maintains and organizes cleaning in homes, buildings and any place that may need cleaning. It is also referred to as tasks that need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Definition of Action Plan

An action plan is a detailed planned activity. It should not be confused with a to-do-list. Action plans are a detailed sequence of activities that you plan out. Depending on how long or short you are planning on it. Short term and Long term plans are also part of an action plan. It contains a series of steps you undertake in order to achieve the set of tasks you wrote. In addition to that, these activities have a series of time frames for you to achieve. Action plans are also a stepping stone for achieving the objectives and your goals that you have written out for yourself. Whether it is personal or professional.

Definition of Housekeeping Action Plan

A housekeeping action plan is a list of important and necessary items that people working in the housekeeping field would write down. This type of planning is important since this is where all the lists of things needed to be done are written down. In addition to that, the objectives and the steps are all written down in a certain time frame. These plans need to be properly documented in case of issues that may fall.

Importance of Action Plan

The importance of making an action plan is, you can make a list of all the tasks you need to do. As well as the objectives you need to meet. Your action plan gives you a framework for how you complete the lists one by one. Rather than having to list down all the goals you want to accomplish, which may end in rambles, an action plan makes it easier for you to place them in order of importance. However, action plans differ from to do lists and should not be mixed with one another. A to-do-list is a daily list you need to do in a single day, while an action plan is the tasks that you finish at a given time.

Tools for Housekeeping Action Plans

  • Bullets
  • Narrative
  • Outlines
  • Table
  • Forms
  • Checklist

Tips for Housekeeping Action Plan

  • State your objectives – Keep your objectives practical or realistic. Objectives that are not realistic are difficult to achieve.
  • Set a time frame – Setting time frames for your action plans. Not only is this practical and better, it also lets you see which of your plans should be completed first. Setting a time frame should be a part of your action plan.
  • Write down the steps taken – Your action plan should also include the steps taken to achieving the goal. From the steps that took you to the right place and the steps that made you take action.
  • List your milestones – Even the smallest and simplest milestone made in your action plan, write them down. This is a stepping stone achievement you did. Be proud of it.
  • Update your action plan– For every achievement you made, update and repeat. Every goal you have reached, or every milestone you have made, update your action plan and make newer plans.


Why is a time frame important for an action plan?

Not only is it practical to add a time frame, it also lets you see which goal or objective you should do first. It gives you time to achieve the goal you set out for yourself.

Is a short term goal still part of the action plan?

Yes. A short term goal also has objectives and a time frame.

How possible is it to tackle the goal of cleaning every room in one day?

That can be a plan, but for it to happen, a time frame must be set for each room to be cleaned. Your action plan should be detailed and realistic.

What can I compare my action plan with?

Think of a detailed lesson plan. Your action plan should be detailed enough that you know which priority you are choosing to do first.

Housekeeping jobs are difficult. Especially if you have no plans on where to begin and where to end. It is not just difficult to work without a plan in hand, but it can get disastrous overtime. The reason why an action plan is needed even in a housekeeping job is because, just like a roadmap, your action plan should be detailed enough to tell you what to do next and what should be done.

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