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Substituting a class is never an easy feat. It takes time to understand and to get along with how the class was done by the previous teacher. It also takes time learning the lessons especially if it is not your field of expertise. It is never fair to have someone take over something that was already set in stone and expect them to know, understand and do it then and there. But all that is about to change. As the old saying goes, “when there is a will, there is a way.” This is also true for anyone working in a field they have no knowledge about. What this is about is having a substitute teacher lesson plan. You may be wondering what this is about, and how does it work? To know more about what a substitute teacher lesson plan is, check everything out below for more.

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What Is a Substitute Teacher Lesson Plan?

A substitute teacher lesson plan is a kind of action plan made for a substitute teacher who is teaching the class while the original teacher is away. The lesson plan of a substitute teacher consists mainly of the same as the previous teacher. It consists of the lesson’s title, its objectives, its activities and the time frame that holds the lesson together. In addition to that, it also contains the examinations, the other activities and the homework for each class. A substitute teacher lesson plan is basically a road map or as a guideline for the substitute teacher to use as a way to conduct the class as smoothly as possible. It is also a useful tool for the teacher to add any other objectives and activities that are connected to the lesson they are teaching. Your substitute teacher lesson plan should also cater to the needs of your students. As well as the level of their understanding and learning. You cannot possibly give a middle school lesson to a high school student, nor give a university student a grade school lesson plan.

The purpose of writing a substitute teacher lesson plan is to make sure that what you are teaching in class is the same as what is expected of you. Your lessons must at least match what was given to you. As well as to cater to the needs of the students you are teaching. However, also do remember that the purpose of writing one is to let your students learn. Your lesson plan is your guide, it is your outline of how you are going to teach the lesson to your class. One thing to also consider when you write your lesson plan is to keep it simple and realistic.

How to Write a Substitute Teacher Lesson Plan?

Are you planning on writing a substitute teacher lesson plan? May it be for practice or for the actual thing? If you are curious or interested to know what a general substitute teacher lesson plan may look like, as each lesson plan differs to the one using it. Check out these general terms and tips for you to get started on.

1. Lesson Title

Write the title of your lesson for the day, or your lessons for the whole week or month. Your title lesson is as important as making the whole lesson plan. It is the one thing that divides all your lessons and it also makes you less stressful enough to find where you placed it or where it is in general.

2. Your Objectives

Your objectives must be as realistic as possible. Objectives should also cater to the lesson you are going to be handling on that day. Write at least three objectives and a maximum of five. These are your general objectives. The other objectives would be about the activity you are going to be doing. Those are also going to be as realistic as possible. Make your objectives doable.

3. Plan Your Activities

What are your activities for the lesson you are going to be tackling? Your activities should also be able to cater to the needs of your pupils. As well as it fits their level or their year. Giving a university student an activity made for kindergarten pupils is not advisable, nor vice versa. Capture your students’ attention through the activities that are made for them.

4. Make Rules

Add some rules for you and for your class. These rules should also cater to the knowledge and level of your students. This means you need to avoid using unfamiliar jargon. Rather, use words that are easy to understand and easy to explain.

5. Keep a Copy of Your Lesson Plan

Keep a copy of the lesson plans you made for the week or the month that you may be teaching. If the previous teacher may ask to have a copy, you are able to present to her the copy you made. This is also helpful to the other teacher for them to be able to know where you may have stopped and where they may begin.


What is a substitute teacher lesson plan?

A kind of lesson plan wherein a substitute teacher writes down the lessons they are planning on teaching.

What can you see in a substitute teacher lesson plan?

Just like any other lesson plan, a substitute teacher’s lesson plan consists of the general information found. However, some may add their own touch to it like rules for themselves and for the class to follow.

Is there any difference between the substitute teacher lesson plan with an action plan?

The only slight difference is that an action plan may depend whether you are doing it short term or long term. The lesson plan is a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly thing.

Teaching is a passion to most who are in the field. Having the ability to change lives through teaching is nothing short of an amazing feat. This can also only be done when careful planning has been made. With that, this is why there is a substitute teacher lesson plan. The road map to amazing possibilities that you can do in class. All through a carefully thought out idea written down to turn it into a plan.

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