4+ Authorization Letter to Claim Money Examples [ Refund, Insurance, Bank ]

We all have been there. When we are in an emergency and could not leave the place or the people who need us, we often get issues as to how we could claim money from the bank. Most if not all banks, are okay with the fact that someone else is going to take it on your behalf. The only requirement they need from the person you ask is an authorization letter. Now you are going to think what this is and how to write them. I understand how this is going to be an issue, but there are ways to solve this.

4+ Authorization Letter to Claim Money Examples

1. Simple Authorization Letter to Claim Money

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2. Student Authorization Letter to Claim Money

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3. Authorization Letter to Claim Prize Money

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4. Editable Authorization Letter to Claim Money

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5. Authorization Letter to Claim Money Refundable

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What is an Authorization Letter?

First of all, what is an authorization letter, its uses and its types? What is the function of this and how do you get this? An authorization letter is a type of letter written by you to approve the chosen person to receive the money you are supposed to claim in the bank. They are written permissions. The uses of authorization letters are simple. This is to notify the one receiving the letter that you let the bearer or the person go on behalf of you.

What are The Uses of an Authorization Letter?

There are a lot of uses for an authorization letter. The most common is using it to go to the bank or for elderly people who want to ask someone else to do their grocery shopping for them. Listed below are some other situations that you can use an authorization letter.

  • Business. An authorization letter is required for carrying out other people’s business activities. This is true in most cases especially when they are too engrossed in their jobs, they need someone to represent them in a different situation.
  • School trips. Children often receive these letters from their teachers asking them to let their parents know and ask for permission.
  • Elderly. Whether it is buying the necessities they need and asking someone else to purchase for them.
  • Money. When claiming money for someone else, companies often make sure that you produce a letter coming from the one who is authorized and must also include the reason.

What is the format of an Authorization Letter?

An example below is a sample format of an authorization letter to collect important documents on someone’s behalf.

  • Date
  • Your name
  • Address and contact information
  • Whom you are sending it too and their address

Don’t forget the body of your letter.

  • Dear Sir/Madam
  • The reason for writing the authorization letter
  • State the name of the person you authorized to collect important documents.
  • Don’t forget the closing remarks, your name and signature.
  • Also, let the person you authorize sign as well.

Another sample authorization letter, but for the elderly.

  • Don’t forget to add the date
  • The Opening remarks (To Whom It May Concern)

Next is the body of the letter. This is shorter and simpler than the example above.

  • Next is the body of the letter. This is shorter and simpler than the example above.
  • Begin with I then state your name.
  • Second, the reason for writing the letter.
  • Third, add the bearer or the person you wish to give authority too on your behalf.
  • Fourth, state the reason why you cannot do the things you mentioned in your letter.
  • Fifth, if your bearer has brought some things you gave acknowledge it in the letter.
  • Lastly, end with a closing remark and the signatures of both you and your bearer.

Here is a different sample for an authorization letter for requesting a bank statement.

  • First add your complete name and complete address.
  • Second, the date of the letter, the person you are sending it too and their title. Example, bank manager.
  • Third, add the name of the bank, complete address and your subject.

You may now add the purpose of your letter through the body of the letter.

  • Start with the opening remarks. Dear Sir/Madam.
  • State the complete name of the person you allow to ask for a bank statement on your behalf.
  • Don’t forget to add the important details like your account number.
  • Lastly, if any signatures are involved, state that the authorized person may sign for you.

Now that is done, you end your letter with the closing remarks, your signature and his or her name and signature below yours.


I’m a student in college. Can the authorized person be a friend of mine?

Normally this is not allowed, but there are exceptions especially if you live in the school grounds. As much as possible, let the authorized person be someone you know very well or a parent/guardian.

My elderly neighbor has given me permission to do her shopping on her behalf, is that okay?

As long as your elderly neighbor has given you her consent to buy things that she needs, yes.

Learning to write authorization letters and their uses can help you when you need them for emergencies or any situation given that needs one.

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