Hotel Incident Report

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Hotel Incident Report

Has a customer or a client ever filed a report against the staff at the hotel? Have you ever had that bad experience wherein something had happened to you or to someone else? What did you do about it? How was it resolved? If these questions seem familiar to you, then you may already have encountered or even filled out an incident report. To know more about this type of report, why don’t you check out the article? 3+ Hotel Incident Report Examples in PDF. 

 3+ Hotel Incident Report Examples

1. Hotel Incident Report Template

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2. Hotel Incident Report Form

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3. Hotel Detailed Incident Report

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4. Standard Hotel Incident Report

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Definition of Incident

Something that has happened without anyone expecting. An occurrence in the form of a mild issue or a severe issue. A problem that occurred without anyone’s help. An accident that nobody expected to have happened. Something that has happened without anyone’s control over the situation.

Definition of Report

To file for something that happened. To talk about the incident that went on. Give a full or general description of the topic you are talking about. To make a complaint of something that has been done to you by someone else. To write a report or file a complaint for someone against you.

Materials to Use to Fill Out or Write

When you are about to fill out or use an incident report. There are a lot of materials to choose from. Each one as unique as the rest. These forms may differ in format and styles, but the common denominator is that they are all used for incident reports.

  • Forms – forms may be the most common of them all. But there are a lot of forms to choose from as well. Forms can range from general to specific. General forms often only have one or two questions about the incident. While a specific form may have a more complex and longer questions. Regardless of which form you choose to take, they are all the same use. An example can be found in number 1 for Hotel Incident Report Template.
  • Outlines – Outlines help with breaking down the problem and finding a solution for it. It shows a step by step progress on how the incident happened to how to resolve the issue. As well as making sure it is never to be repeated again.
  • Letters- Like any other letter, it follows a certain format and style. As you write your report, do not forget to add the date, the name of the people involved and their contact information. As you write your letter of report, do add the necessary information that your supervisor would be looking for. Avoid having to write flowery words to soften the problem. Avoid fabricating anything from what you have remembered or interviewed the witnesses.
  • Narratives- As the name goes, you write a narrative to what had happened during that incident. Avoid having to write flowery words and fabricating them to make them look better. This is not the purpose here, the purpose is to report an incident that has happened in your office. Writing things that do not belong there would only make the narrative unrealistic.
  • Emails – emails can also be used to send or write an incident report. There are no exact rules on how you are going to write it except, avoid using slur words or rude words when narrating or writing out your report via email.

Tips for Making an Incident Report

  • Be clear about the report
  • Do not fabricate anything
  • Avoid rude and vulgar words
  • Add the necessary information
  • Report any minor or severe incident
  • Send it immediately


Are all incidents considered to be reported?

Depending on the severity and the importance. However, even the mildest of incidents are often taken to consideration. So I recommend you report it as well.

If my supervisor is missing, who should I send the report to?

If your supervisor cannot take the report, send it to someone higher or of the same ranks as your supervisor. Explain as to why you are sending the report to them as well. To avoid any confusion.

Do I need to sign the form or the letter where I wrote my incident report?

For a letter yes. As it still follows the same format and rules. Some forms also ask for your signature to make sure everything you wrote is true.

It goes without saying, hotel staffs make it their top priority to always keep everything in order. Even with incidents that turn up without anyone expecting, hotel staffs are also the first to witness, decide and take action. For this to get noticed and recorded, you must make an incident report. Answer all that is being asked and pass it immediately. The reason for this is to avoid any issues in the near future. As well as if you encountered the same, you would already have a solution for it.

Incident Report Generator

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Craft an incident report on a classroom equipment damage involving students during a group activity

Develop an incident report about a lost personal item of a student reported in the school library.