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3+ After Activity Report Examples in PDF

Have you ever hosted an event before? A lot of people who have hosted or even helped organize the event have to go through some paperwork. Even event coordinators often get to write reports about the events they have been organizing. Often than not, they even have the opportunity to assess and evaluate if everything had been going the way they and their clients expected it. Of course this does not always mean that everything went smoothly or without a problem. This is as to why those who organize events, parties or even activities have to write a report about it. These kinds of reports are called after activity reports.

An after activity report helps by giving the organizers an opportunity to assess the situation and to find a better solution the next time things like these happen. Of course an after activity report has its own purposes apart from the one mentioned. Interested in knowing about this after activity report? Are you planning on assessing the event or activity you were hosting? This report is just the right thing for you.

3+ After Activity Report Examples

1. After Activity Report Template

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2. Agricultural Board After Activity Report

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3. After Medical Transportation Activity Report

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4. After Activities Report Form

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What Is an After Activity Report?

An after activity report is a type of report that documents what happened after the events or the activities that took place. This report consists of the information about the event or the activity. What happened before, during and after. It also includes the people who were involved or participated during the activity. Some reports may want to include the statements of those who were involved but for this case, it is not as necessary as it is. 

The purpose of the after activity report is to make an assessment of the event. To check whether the event was a success or a failure. It is also to make sure that the event or the activity has been what the client expected or have been told to do. The after activity report is also made to evaluate the events and to make sure that the next event can be better. Lastly, it is also used to find any risks or issues that happened in the event, it is placed in the report as well.

How to Write an After Activity Report?

Here are tips to help you get started. We know that an after activity report is a necessary document and tool to know how the activity went.

1. Talk About the Activity or the Event

The after activity report states mostly about the activity. So the first thing you should be doing is to make an introduction about the activity. Your guide questions for this report would answer the WH questions. Who was the activity for, where did it happen and why did it succeed or fail. These are just the general types of questions to help you get started.

2. Explain What Happened During the Activity

The explanation should not be a single sentence long. When you explain what happened during the activity, make sure to add the details. This is the part where your after activity report would look more like a narrative report, and that is okay. As long as the important details are present. Make sure that when you explain what happened, you sound polite and professional.

3. Give Some Comments About the Activity

Add some comments about what you may have observed in the activity. Of course, you must also use jargon that people in general can understand. Your comments would help improve, so do be careful how you may write it. Avoid using words that are not as common as you think to get your point across. Your goal is to give comments and not to confuse the person reading your report.

4. Review Your Report

Before passing the report, always review. Check if you have placed the information in the report. See to it that there are no erasures that could make your report look unprofessional. Always be careful how you write your report and how to send your message across.

5. Add the Important Contents

Lastly, adding important contents like the name of the event, the people involved and the dates should still be considered important content. See to it that your important contents go with the activity and the people involved.


What is an after activity report?

A document that states what happened during and after the activity. An assessment to check whether the activity was a success or not and to see the reasons behind the problems.

Who writes this kind of report?

Anyone from the people coordinating to someone being assigned to write it.

Can this report be the same as a narrative report?

Yes in terms of length. After activity reports can be considered an example of a narrative report due to its length and the information being placed.

When it comes to activities, always remember everything counts. From the beginning to the actual and even the after activity. Everything should be taken to consideration. With that, this is why the after activity report is the best report to write when assessing the problems or the issues concerning the activity.

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