Daily Narrative Report

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Daily Narrative Report

It goes without saying, there are events in our lives that are waiting to happen. Regardless of where we are, who we are with and how it happened. Telling this to people can feel a bit of fresh air as the weight of it leaves you behind. To be able to report what we think is right. But how do you explain to someone about the events that happened? Is there a way to do that without having to explain a lot? Yes, there is a way. Check it out below. 3+ Daily Narrative Report Examples in PDF. 

3+ Daily Narrative Report Examples

1. Daily Narrative Report Template

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2. Daily Narrative Final Report

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3. Daily North Narrative Report

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4. Daily Project Narrative Report

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Definition of Narrative

A narrative is a way of telling a story. A spoken or written account of something that may have happened at that time. Something that is narrated through a story or an event.  A unique way of explaining something that happened. In a way to describe the turn of events.

Definition of Report

A report means to tell someone about something that happened. To give information about a particular topic. To make a complaint about someone or something that happened. To present general information to the right audience.

Definition of Narrative Report

A narrative report outlines the events that happened in the past. It gives out relevant information regarding the things that happened during that event. The purpose of a narrative report is to give out relevant information for the things that have happened in logical order.

Importance of Narrative Report

The purpose of a narrative report is to inform the person in charge of what happened. To present information needed concerning an event. To describe in detail the topic you choose to talk about.

Types of Narrative Report Tools

There are a few tools for a narrative report. The ones listed below are usually the most common ones. But there are still other tools used that may not be listed below. As they are not as common or used.

  • Checklist
  • Essay
  • Fill out the Box
  • Outline

Tips for Filling Out a Narrative Report

When filling out a narrative report, this often depends which type you are using. But for the most part, there are still some common things. Some tips here are for filling out a narrative report.

  • Know your audience- The reason for this is because you may be giving information that is not suitable for everyone. If you know who you are preaching to, it is best to avoid using rude and difficult words. This tip works mostly if you are writing an essay.
  • Watch your tone- Regardless if you are writing or speaking. Watch your tone. Do not sound rude or proud when you narrate your report. Your tone should always sound professional. The reason for this is when you present your narrative report, either by speaking or by giving it to someone else, you should sound professional as well.
  • Fill out the necessary details- Fill out the necessary information correctly. When filing for a narrative report, your details are important. If they have something to ask or to inquire about your report, they would contact you immediately.
  • Keep it straight to the point- As you write your narrative report, do keep it straight to the point. Do not add any unrelated words or make it look pretty. The narrative report you have to make is not to make the words look nice. It is to make the report stick to facts.
  • Revise your essay report – Before handing out your narrative report, check for grammatical errors. Read your report out loud and check if your tone is professional. Revise your work to see if you have no misspelled words or missed out some important details to support your report.


What should I avoid writing in a narrative report?

Avoid writing rumors or hearsays. This is not considered a fact. As you write your report, do remember to write facts.

How many paragraphs is considered to make it a narrative report?

At least 5 paragraphs since you are writing a narrative report.

Can an incident at work be considered to fill out a narrative report?

Yes. A narrative report can be made anywhere. It can be used for an incident at work, and incident in school. It is fine to state the incident at work is still considered to fill out the report. As long as you follow the format and put the information where it belongs.

Narrative reports are made when you have something to present or talk about. These types of reports range from different topics and could be taken from any event. To be considered writing a report, you would need to write 5 paragraphs about the topic. Stating the reason, the cause and the effect, as well as the solution.

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