Business Investigation Report

Last Updated: February 29, 2024

Business Investigation Report

Handling or doing business can be risky. Especially when you are not able to trust people around you, or when you doubt those who work for you may want something taken from you. But it goes without saying, any type of business always has its risks. There is no denying that. However, there are cases wherein some good business may falter due to underlying issues that were never resolved. To avoid this from happening to you, you may do an investigation report

3+ Business Investigation Report Examples

1. Business Investigation Report Checklist

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2. Business Committee Investigation Report

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3. Business Investigation Summary Report

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4. Business Investigation Report in PDF

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Definition of Business

A business is the activity or the act of buying something. The amount of work done for someone. Work that you do to earn money. The process of doing something to benefit good services and sell goods. An activity that you do that makes you earn money or good services.

Definition of Investigation

An investigation is an examination, an inquiry, an attempt to learn and understand the facts about something. Something that is related to an incident. An attempt to know what happened by understanding and analyzing facts. The process of examining and explaining something through a systematic examination. The act of looking for facts from the incident and to make this evidence true.

Definition of Report

A report is a written document filled with information. When you write a report, you want to make a complaint about someone or something and file one. To send a written document pertaining to the issue and the reason for writing a report. A statement that describes what happened and the desired result for the issue. A statement given by a person who wishes to speak about an incident and to file a report about it.

Definition of Business Report

A business report is a type of evaluation that companies or organizations use. They use this as a way to see how their business is flourishing. It is also used if there are any issues relating to it. The purpose of having a business report is to communicate information needed to the right people. That way they are able to investigate any issues regarding the business. As well as nipping the problem before it grows worse.

Importance of an Investigation Report

You may wonder what an investigation report is for. Especially if it is business related. An investigation report has different uses, depending on what you use it for. This type of official document presents itself in many ways. The document could be used as evidence to terminate someone, to correct something or to implement some rules. The investigation report is used as evidence for actions taken based on the evidence being presented.

Tools used for Business Investigation Reports

So here are some tools you can use when you write your report. These tools differ in style but they are used the same way. From simple to the most complex of tools listed below.

  • Essay
  • Forms
  • Outline
  • Questionnaire
  • Survey
  • Tick the box

Tips for Writing an Investigation Report for Business

Now we move on to tips. The following tips are merely guidelines on how you can begin writing your investigation report. One of which would also be helpful if you so wish to use your report as evidence. Check these out. As we remember, a business investigation report can be used in different ways. All business related of course. So check out how to begin with your investigation report for your business to flourish.

  • Draft your report
  • Provide evidence to support your report
  • Avoid using difficult jargon and flowery language
  • State what you analyzed and learned
  • Revise your report and send


What is an investigation report?

An investigation report is a type of written document that showcases the incident. It answers the WH questions and gives the person answers that they seek to find.

Why is an investigation report so important?

An investigation report is important because this shows you the step by step result or work that has been shown. An investigation report’s job is to find out about the incident. To have it explained to you why it happened. How it happened and the steps taken to resolve the issue.

Are the answers you get in the report enough to terminate someone if they get accused?

The business report you made is enough to even terminate an employee if the evidence points to the person who did something wrong. It is also used to adhere to the rules, to implement rules and to let your employees know that breaking any rules will result in consequences. You do not terminate someone without any evidence. This is where your report comes to play.

Can I use a graph chart to apply to my investigation report?

You may use any other means of reporting as long as the details needed are present.

Having to investigate an issue in your workplace can be tricky. Especially if you have no direct evidence to support your claims. But even if you do not, the best thing you can do is to report this to your supervisor and let them know of the issues. Let them do the investigation.

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