Accomplishment Report

Last Updated: March 20, 2024

Accomplishment Report

Making reports can sometimes be a pain, and sometimes can also make a lot of people feel annoyed at having to write something just for the sake of it. But what they don’t see is that there is a reason for writing it. Others may see that and still refuse to write altogether. Which can cause some serious issues, whether the person is an employee at a company or business, a student writing a research paper, or even a civilian working in the community or organization. Writing reports is necessary. No matter how people may want to see it, they are still very useful and important. 

Regardless of the fact that it can sometimes be a burden or a problem or even an issue. What others may not be able to comprehend is that reports have a purpose. Especially when you are tasked with writing an accomplishment report. This kind of report is made especially useful when you’re doing a project, a research or even an update within the community. You are probably wondering what an accomplishment report is and why the need to have one. To get more information and answers that are important as well, you should download any of these 10+ examples of an accomplishment report now. 

What is an Accomplishment Report?

When you think of accomplishments, you think of the achievements that you have done throughout a certain period of time. When you add the word report to it, you may already have an idea as to what an accomplishment report would look like. An accomplishment report is a kind of document that states the summary or the update of a project or work. It can also be a summary of the accomplishments or the achievements you have made. It could be in the form of activities done in the community, a successful research paper or a fruitful project.

Moving on, we have the reason or the purpose as to know why it is important to know or to understand why an accomplishment report has to be written. The purpose of an accomplishment report is to give a first hand account or a summary of the achievements or the accomplishments. Whether it may be in the form of a daily report or a weekly report. All that matters is the fact that when writing the accomplishment report, it is complete and filled with facts.

An Accomplishment Report Format typically follows a structured layout to clearly present the achievements within a specific timeframe. Here’s a standard format:

Accomplishment Report Format

Title Page

  • Report Title: Including the term “Accomplishment Report”
  • Timeframe: The period covered by the report (e.g., “January – December 2024”)
  • Prepared for: The name of the organization or department
  • Prepared by: The name(s) of the report’s author(s)
  • Date of Submission: When the report is being submitted

Table of Contents

  • A list of the report’s main sections and their page numbers for easy navigation.

Executive Summary

  • A brief overview of the key accomplishments and the impact they’ve had.


  • Purpose: The reason for the report and its importance.
  • Scope: The specific focus or areas covered by the report.


  • A list of the goals or targets set for the period in question.


  • Detailed descriptions of the achievements, organized by category or project. Each accomplishment should include:
  • Description: A clear statement of what was achieved.
  • Impact: The significance or effect of the accomplishment.
  • Evidence: Quantitative or qualitative data supporting the achievement.

Challenges and Solutions

  • A review of any obstacles encountered and how they were overcome.

Lessons Learned

  • Insights or learnings that emerged during the period covered by the report.


  • A summary of the accomplishments and their implications for future work.

Appendices (Optional)

  • Supporting documents, data, or materials that provide additional context or detail.

Acknowledgements (Optional)

  • Recognition of individuals or groups that contributed significantly to the achievements.

Accomplishment Report Samples

15+ Accomplishment Report Examples

1. Accomplishment Report Template

Accomplishment Report Template


2. Weekly Accomplishment Report Template

Weekly Accomplishment Report Template


3. Project Accomplishment Report Template

4. Work Accomplishment Report Template

Work Accomplishment Report Template


5. Monthly Accomplishment Report Template

Monthly Accomplishment Report Template


6. Individual Accomplishment Report

Work from Home Accomplishment Report


7. Annual Accomplishment Report

Annual Accomplishment Report


8. Project Accomplishment Report

Project Accomplishment Report


9. Community Accomplishment Report

Community Accomplishment Report


10. Basic Accomplishment Report

Basic Accomplishment Report


11. Standard Accomplishment Report

Standard Accomplishment Report


12. Research Accomplishment Report

Research Accomplishment Report


13. Printable Accomplishment Report

Printable Accomplishment Report


14. Title Update Accomplishment Report

Title Update Accomplishment Report


15. Accomplishment Report Template

Accomplishment Report Template


16. Organization Accomplishment Report

Organization Accomplishment Report


Types of Accomplishment Report

  • Individual Accomplishment Report: Focuses on the achievements of an individual over a specific period, highlighting personal contributions, goals met, and milestones achieved.
  • Team or Departmental Accomplishment Report: Chronicles the successes and progress of a team or department, detailing collaborative efforts, project completions, and collective milestones.
  • Project-Based Accomplishment Report: Summarizes the outcomes and achievements of a specific project, including objectives met, challenges overcome, and the impact of the project’s results.
  • Annual Accomplishment Report: Provides a comprehensive overview of accomplishments over the year, often used by organizations, companies, or institutions to report progress to stakeholders.
  • Academic Accomplishment Report: Details achievements in an academic setting, such as research findings, publications, awards, and other scholarly activities by students or faculty.
  • Professional Development Accomplishment Report: Highlights an individual’s or group’s learning and growth through professional development activities, including training, certifications, workshops, and conferences attended.
  • Financial Accomplishment Report: Focuses on the financial milestones and successes achieved by an organization, such as revenue growth, cost savings, and budget management.
  • Community Service and Outreach Accomplishment Report: Details the contributions and impact of community service initiatives, volunteer work, and outreach programs.
  • Sports and Athletic Accomplishment Report: Chronicles the achievements, records, and awards in sports and athletics, either for individuals or teams.
  • Innovation and Research Accomplishment Report: Summarizes breakthroughs, innovations, and research outcomes, highlighting advancements made in various fields of study or industry.

How to Write an Accomplishment Report?

To make a good report, one must know what to place and what to avoid. Apart from proofreading your report, there are some elements that make up a good accomplishment report.

1. Keep Your Facts Straight

It goes without saying there are some days that we may want to brag about the accomplishments we did on paper. But this can also be quite dangerous. There are activities or projects that we have not done so we have no claim over it. The dangerous part of not being able to keep your facts straight is we may tend to take someone’s activity and claim it as ours. Avoid that. Keep your own facts.

2. Write a Summary of the Accomplishments

The next thing to do on the list is to write a drafted summary of the accomplishments you have done. A two paragraph summary would be enough, especially if you are told not to make the whole report too long. Most of the time, when writing summaries, you are expected to write only what is important.

3. State the Projects That Was Done

Another thing to take notice of when you are writing your report is to state the projects that were done by you. Of course there are a lot of projects or research or even activities being done, but only write those that you did and not someone else’s. This document is about your accomplishments and not someone else’s.

4.  Make It Personal but Not Too Personal

When writing out the accomplishment letter, make it personal. Avoid being too personal on the account that you may be writing your life story rather than the projects or activities that you have been doing. In addition to that, avoid having to state you had no help, if there was any given to you, write it down as well.

5. Do a Spell Check and Grammar Check

When it comes to writing documents like agreements or reports, it is always best to make sure that you have everything right. So it is not something to be embarrassed about if you have to do a spell check and a grammar check first. It is always best to review your work before handing it half baked.


What is an accomplishment report?

An accomplishment report is a documented report that shows a summary. A summary of activities that you have accomplished through a specific amount of time.

Why is it important to know and how to write one?

It is important to know how to write one in case you are told to do so. It is also a very useful tool and can be used to check whether the following things have already been done with, as to not be able to repeat the same thing over and over.

What is expected in an accomplishment report?

The list of activities being done, the dates and a summary of how you were able to complete your tasks. The person who would be reading these kinds of reports often expect a very detailed summary.

How do you write an accomplishment report?

Start by outlining the period the report covers. List the objectives or goals set at the beginning. Detail the accomplishments achieved, with specific examples and evidence. Include quantitative data where possible. Summarize the impact of these accomplishments and conclude with future goals or plans for continuation. Use clear, concise language and an organized format.

What is a sample of accomplishment?

A sample of accomplishment could be: “Successfully led a team project that resulted in a 20% increase in annual revenue,” or “Implemented a new inventory management system, reducing operational costs by 15%.”

What is the job accomplishment report?

A job accomplishment report is a document that outlines the achievements and progress made by an individual or team in their professional capacity over a specific period. It highlights tasks completed, goals achieved, and the overall impact of these accomplishments on the organization’s objectives.

When we hear of reports, we often associate it with something bad or a form of punishment. When we should see it in a different light. Something that we accomplished by doing for over years of experience. An accomplishment report is nothing short of the same as any kind of report. Only the difference is that we are able to write down what we have accomplished, update any of the documents that have it and to show that writing is not as difficult as we perceive it to be.

Accomplishment Report Generator

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