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3+ Narrative Interview Report Examples in PDF

Have you ever thought of a job as difficult as interviewing people? You may think that this job isn’t as difficult as it seems. However, there are some who make it look like it’s not. They have to go through piles of paperwork before they are even finished. Interviewers go through this on a daily if not weekly basis. Doing interviews with potential applicants for the job they are planning on taking. Paperwork after paperwork. Why is there paperwork you ask? Not only do they do interviews, but they also do narrative interview reports. After every interview with a potential applicant, they must write down their take on the interview. Talk about having a lot of paperwork to fill out. However, there is a simpler way to make these reports and to make it less stressful or tiring as it looks. Doing narrative interview reports doesn’t have to be difficult. To find out more about this, check it all out below.

3+ Narrative Interview Report Examples

1. Narrative Interview Report

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2. Employment Narrative Interview Report

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3. Narrative Investigative Interview Report

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4. Printable Narrative Interview Report

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What Is a Narrative Interview Report?

A narrative interview report is a kind of document that an interviewer writes about what happened during the interview with a potential applicant. The interview report begins with the introduction, mainly about the applicant. Basically the name, the age, the address, the educational and professional background of the applicant. It also includes any experiences the applicant may have for the job position they are applying for. It’s simply like a small summary of the applicant for the interviewer and the company to know about. In addition to that, a narrative interview report also describes the time, the location and the answers of the applicant. In some cases, an interviewer would often add how the applicant dresses for the interview, how they answer a series of questions or situations given by the interviewer. However, these are not always applicable as it often depends on the interviewer and the company. A narrative interview report is basically what is not seen in reading a resume, but is what can be taken out from the applicant themselves. The report is based loosely on what and how the applicant answers the series of questions given by the interviewer. In a way that the interview report can be in the form of an assessment report about the interview.

The purpose of having to write a narrative interview report is to be able to give some feedback towards the candidate and the company about them. To give a summary of what happened during the interview. A bird’s eye view of who the candidate is, what their experience to the job they are applying for and an overall general information that could be useful for the application process of the candidate. A higher chance for the company to know if this person is the perfect fit for the company.

How to Write an Interview Narrative Report?

Anyone who has gone through interviews would understand that there are reports to be done. These reports are an essential part of the company’s file on the applicant. So how you are going to be writing it would also depend on how the interview went. In addition to that, how you are going to explain in the narrative report, must also be in a professional manner. If you are up for the challenge or you want to learn how they write interview narrative reports, here are some information for you. The following tips are going to be your map on how to write a good interview narrative report.

1. Prepare Everything You Need

As you plan on writing and interviewing, you must be able to multitask. Prepare your questions and the documents you are going to need. Once the interview starts, you must have all the right information in hand and the general idea as to how you are going to formulate your report.

2. Know Your Audience

Know your audience. Know who is going to be reading your narrative report. If you are planning on writing your report based on the interview, know that your immediate head is responsible for reading what you wrote. Be careful of what you write and how you are going to write about what happened during the interview. As well as to be careful how you word your thoughts whether it is about the candidate or their experiences. The key here is to observe first, listen carefully and write it down.

3. Watch the Your Writing Tone

Your writing tone should be an active voice. Your writing tone should also be calm and professional. Avoid using a tone that would let your readers think you were bored during the interview, or you were not paying attention during the interview. These kinds of writing tone are a huge no regardless of what kind of report you may be writing about. In this case, it is the narrative interview, you must use a professional and active voice and tone.

4. Proofread Your Report

Once you are done writing your whole narrative report, the next thing you are going to be doing is to proofread it. Proofreading helps by letting you review your work. Checking your grammar, spelling and the correct places of your punctuation marks. In addition to that it also helps by making you see if your writing tone is consistent as well as if it is in the right tone. Proofreading does not take up too much of your time, and it is quite a helpful tool when you are particular about what you wrote.

5. Send It to Your Immediate Head

With all the proofreading done, and the writing, send it to your immediate head. Also, it is best to keep a copy of the report for your own files during the interview.


What is an interview narrative report?

An interview narrative report is a document that you write about what happened during the interview. It consists of the general information that the company may need about the applicant.

What is the purpose of having a narrative report?

The purpose of having a narrative report is to keep one in your files about the applicant. It is also a useful tool to use in a way it gives you a summary of how the interview went. The information written in the report is then used for the company to check.

What is one thing that needs to be avoided when writing the interview narrative report?

One of the things that should be avoided when writing your interview narrative report is saying rude things about the candidate in your report.

Interview narrative reports are documents that are needed for the company. These documents are made by the interviewer who would ask a series of questions, to check the experience if there are any and to assess on behalf of the company to see if the applicant is a match. These reports that go from the interviewer to the immediate head are then used as information that is private only for the company to make sure that this person is the one suited for the job.

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