Kitchen Incident Report

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Kitchen Incident Report

There are always going to be some issues that may involve the kitchen. From stoves that malfunction to equipment that may break down in the process of cooking. Especially if you work in a cafeteria for a company or for school. There would be times you cannot avoid these matters. But you can help with remembering what to do in case it happens again. To be able to do this, you must fill out an incident report, and not just any incident report, but a kitchen incident report. To give to the person in charge. 

3+ Kitchen Incident Report Examples

1. Kitchen Incident Report Template

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2. Standard Kitchen Incident Report

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3. School Kitchen Incident Report

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4. Kitchen Incident Report Form

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Definition of Incident Report

A formal verbal or written report of facts and evidence relating to the occurrence. This type of report usually relates to issues happening at places of work. But this can happen anywhere and anytime. Incident reports are made by those who witness the occurrence and would want to find a solution to the event.

Importance of Incident Report

The importance of writing down an incident report is merely to report the facts and evidence of what happened. It is to place a file in which sets the history of the occurrence. In case there may be the same occurrence to happen in the near future, they would take out the recorded file and check to see how they have addressed the issue. Incident reports are often taken into consideration only if the evidence can back up the story.

Materials for Making Incident Reports

There are quite some good materials to use when you are planning on making an incident report. But the ones that are listed below are the most common and mostly used by the general public. Of course, it is you who would choose which one you are going to use. This is merely a list of the materials, and some of them may be as common as you may think. So check out the list down below.

  • Forms
  • Outlines
  • Letters
  • Questionnaires
  • Narratives

Tips for Writing a Kitchen Incident Report

Here are some tips to start writing a good incident report concerning the kitchen. There can be a lot of different ways to write it. But there are also some things you should remember when you start.

  • Give the title of the incident report – If you are using a narrative type of report. Do not forget to write the title of your kitchen report. This way, the person in charge of the incident report would understand the importance and severity of the situation.
  • Fill out the details – When you are using any type of form, fill everything out. Do not leave anything blank as any evidence is worth supporting the report for.
  • Add the date- The date is as important as everything else in the form. This is also to show when the occurrence happened. It can also be used to track down any information regarding that day to make the report more consistent. Do not forget to add the date.
  • Give monthly outputs- Even if the incident has long been gone, it is recommended that you give monthly outputs on everything that has happened since then. This is to see where and how to improve on other parts. As well as having to check for minor incidents to report.
  • Place some safety signs – To avoid anything to happen twice in the future, it is best to place some safety signs for people around the kitchen. That way, less and less occurrences will happen. As well as less incident reports and less complains from people working.


Do I need to report on a minor incident?

Yes. Any minor or severe incident should be reported. This is to simply warn and guide the people present of the incident that happened. As well as to make the customers understand that there are people who are doing their jobs seriously by taking control over the situation.

What happens if we do not report a severe incident?

There would be a panic. As well as having to repeat the same occurrence in the future. You will not know what to do to resolve the issue.

Is there another way to report an incident?

If you do not wish to fill out a form, you may also write it in the form of a narrative. As long as the information is there, a narrative is fine to use.

Having to write a kitchen incident report can sometimes be messy. The reason for this is you have to go through a lot of writing to get it done. Another is if there are any witnesses at the time, you have to ask for their side of the story. Sign the incident report only if you believe this is what really happened. As it is an official document, writing a story that is not true can lead to trouble with the law.

Incident Report Generator

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