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A lot of people would believe that being inside the four walls of a classroom is a safe place for learning. That each pupil and teacher would find it the safest place compared to anywhere else. This may be true for some, but it can also be untrue, depending on the given situation. Teachers, student teachers, helping hands and parents all know when it comes to students or children, anything in the classroom can happen. Whether these incidents may be good or bad, they always expect the unexpected. It goes without saying, nobody would want anything to happen inside the four walls of a classroom, but there are times we are not able to stop it before it happens. For a better understanding as to what you can do when incidents in the classroom strike, check out 3+ classroom incident report examples in PDF now.

3+ Classroom Incident Report Examples

1. Classroom Incident Report

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2. Student Classroom Incident Report

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3. Sample Classroom Incident Report

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What Is a Classroom Incident Report?

A classroom incident report is a kind of incident report that is made when an incident happened inside the classroom. These incident reports are for its purpose to track down and document the incident that has happened inside the classroom. It also includes the persons or people, the place, the incident, the time and date if possible as well as any kind of information that could be vital for the report. These incident reports are also used as documented reports of what went wrong as well as to be able to find a solution to the incident, just in case it may happen again. Rather than letting it happen, they are now well prepared and would be able to stop it before it may even begin. In addition to that, a classroom incident report can also be compared or be used like an observation report. As both kinds of report do involve having to observe what went down, who were responsible, any casualties and the solution for the problem.

The importance of having to write a classroom incident report, is to understand that what type of incident that could erupt inside the four walls of a classroom has to be written down and reported immediately. Regardless of the severity of the incident, it has to be reported so that others are aware of the situation. It is also required to understand the reason as to why the incident happened, so writing and reporting are the best options that could happen and are also useful. In addition to that, a classroom incident report can also be a helpful tool to lessen the risks and to find ways to figure out the problem before it gets any worse. This also gives people the opportunity to know and to learn about the incident and find a solution as well. Basically like a win win situation.

How to Write a Classroom Incident Report?

You may be wondering by now, how a classroom incident report is written. Is there any format or special way to write this kind of incident report? Basically, a classroom incident report is just one of the kinds of incident reports, but its format often varies. There is no specific format for writing an incident report. However, there are some important details that need to be taken into consideration when writing this kind of incident report. For that, you may check out the following listed below for more information. These tips are only to help you in ways that may be suitable for you.

1. Observe the Environment

Before you begin writing your classroom incident report, observe. What do you see? It is important for you to understand the level of severity at what you are observing before writing the report. This is only to make sure that what you are writing down is how you have seen and remembered. Sure, there may be some details that may be missing, but through your observation, begin there.

2. List Down All the Details

The next step you are going to be taking is to list down the details as much as you remembered them. List the details as to what happened before, what you think happened and the results of the incident. Your details of what you believe may have happened do not have to be clear or concise as long as they are understandable. This is basically your theory of what you believe happened. This way, you are able to use the details for the next step of the report.

3. Ask Questions

This step would lead you to asking anyone who may have been there during the incident about what had happened. For your theories or assumptions to be true, you must ask anyone who had been present during the incident. Your assumptions are merely your opinions of what could have happened and would not be made an official statement to your report until you have proof or evidence. For evidence, you must find those who were there.

4. Look For the Solution

For this step, if the problem may involve two students, look for a reason as to why they may be fighting over. If you are at a loss, go back to step 3. Repeat the process until you have the correct information. Then you are able to move to step 4 and find a solution to the issue or the incident.

5. Keep a Copy of Your Report

Last but not least, always keep a copy of your incident report. Give a copy to the person who is in charge  of handling all the classroom incident reports, but also keep a copy for yourself. This way, when you may need to compare a current incident report, you still have a copy of the previous classroom incident report and see if there are any differences.


What is a classroom incident report?

A document that shows the incidents that happened inside the classroom. The accidents that happened whether the teacher or the person in charge was present or not.

Who is responsible for writing the classroom incident report?

It is usually the teacher or the teacher’s helper who is responsible for writing the report. But most of the time the task falls on the teacher.

Why is it important to report a classroom incident?

The reason why it is important to report a classroom incident is to notify everyone of what happened during the time of the incident.

Should the report be made immediately or can it wait?

Ever heard of the saying “strike while the iron is hot?” This also goes well with writing the report. It is always best to have to write the incident report now, while the memory is still fresh, than have to wait for tomorrow.

Why is it important to observe the incident first?

This is to get knowledge from what happened during the incident.

It goes without saying, we would always want to avoid any incident that may befall on us. This is especially true even when you are inside the four walls of a classroom. Sometimes people expect that no incident would happen in a classroom, however, we all know that is not true. There are times that incidents happen and to be able to report one, you must do a classroom incident report. Observe, get the details and search for a solution. With that being said, I hope the article has been of great use to you.

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