Accident Narrative Report

Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Accident Narrative Report

It is without a doubt that accidents do happen anytime and anywhere. Some people report them, others do not. But how do you write or how do you report an accident? Do you write a short story about what happened? Does it have to be in full detail or a general description as to what had happened then? Check these examples out. 3+ Accident Narrative Reports in PDF. 

3+ Accident Narrative Report Examples

1. Accident Narrative Report Template

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2. Boating Accident Report Narratives

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3. Vehicle Accident Narrative Report

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4. Equipment Accident Narrative Report

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Definition of Accident

An accident is often associated with something bad. Something unintended that happened and often causes damages or injuries to people affected. An event where someone got hurt without the intention of hurting themselves. Something that happens without any intention, often happening unexpectedly. When an accident happens, it is almost always reported.

Definition of Narrative

A narrative is a written or a spoken account of the events that took place. A story to be told. A process of telling someone through carefully thought out ideas. To explain how something had happened, like an accident, a wedding, a funeral. Any event that could be explained or spoken to describe to the person listening as to what had happened.

Definition of Report

A report is something that could be given through speaking or a written account. The act of reporting something that was done. Through observation, investigation, hearsay, or observation. An outline of a particular matter, in the form of a document. Usually given after a thorough examination and consideration about the events that took place. As well as answering WH questions. Any given information about an event that may or may not have happened.

Definition of Accident Narrative Report

An accident narrative report sometimes called an incident report. This is a written and verbal document explaining what had happened. Depending on where the event happened. Any accidents that happen are reported as soon as possible. These types of reports range from a page long to a short paragraph containing the details of what happened.

Importance of Accident Reports

Why is it so important to report any accidents? The reason why it is important to report accidents is to provide a very good reminder of the possible risks. When you report these types of accidents, you are monitoring the problems before they reoccur. In addition to that, the documentation of these reports would be useful as solid evidence. If you want to complain you can use these reports as proof.

Tips for Filling Out an Accident Narrative Report

There are a lot of ways to fill out an accident narrative report. You could do it by writing an essay, bullet form or even make a checklist of it. Check out these tips on how to fill one out to help you.

  • Get your facts correctly- Try and remember everything you have seen in the incident. Write only the facts and keep them as clear and concise as possible.
  • Write them down – Write everything you know and remember. Getting the facts straight helps with filling out the report.
  • Describe in full details- Describe in detail what happened. This would be easier for the authorities to track down and check. This will also be easier for you to use as a document if you wish to use it in court.
  • Avoid changing your statement- If you are not clearly sure about it, make a draft first. Try to remember as much detail as you can. Once you have made the draft and you are sure about it, fill it out in the form as a finished product.
  • Avoid inappropriate words – Avoid adding cuss words when you fill out the report. This is a legal document and should be treated as such.
  • Check everything- Check to see if you have written all the necessary details before passing your report.


What is an accidental report?

An accidental report better known as an incident report is a type of document that you write to explain about an accident happening. Either by writing it or by explaining what happened.

What other things should I add when I want to file a report?

Your account of the story. By telling the right people of your side of the story, you are already making a report for the accident that took place. Regardless of whose fault it is, you share your take on what had happened and make a report about it.

What format is usually used when writing an accident narrative report?

This often differs with the person writing the report. Other people would fill out a report sheet. You can also use bullet form to write or in paragraph form. It all depends on you, the main point is only about your report. How you write it is entirely up to you.

Accident reports are as important as any other document. Reporting them to the right people also helps nip the problem in the bud.

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