How to Write a Recommendation Report

Writing a report comes in different presentations with varying writing guidelines attached to each of them. One of these reports is the recommendation report. Technically,  a recommendation report is created by a professional who has reviewed a number of items related to the creation of business decisions.

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Certain comparisons are made to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each item so that appropriate recommendations can be done. A lot of businesses from different industries rely on recommendation reports when it comes to identifying the best option either for acquisition, activity implementation or process development.

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Since there are different kinds of recommendation reports, there are also various characteristics that should be present in each document. You may also see formal report examples. However, there are also similarities that can be identified in each recommendation reports since the development of these documents is most likely the same.

Why Use Recommendation Reports

A recommendation report is a great decision-making material or tool which can be used in different circumstances. If you are unaware of what recommendation reports are, then it may be hard for you to believe that it truly works. However, if you have been immersed in a particular industry and you see how recommendation reports are made, developed and implemented; then it is most likely that you are already knowledgeable on how it can impact the decision-making processes of the business. Here are some of the reasons why it is suggested for businesses to use recommendation reports:

1. The decision-making process within business sectors and establishments is very tedious. If there are no recommendation reports, then deciding the next move to implement may take a longer period of time which may also result in a waste of money and other resources. Check out the examples of a short report on the internet for more.

2. It requires professional help to ensure that the decision made by the management can benefit all the stakeholders of the company. The presence of recommendation reports especially coming from those who are experienced professionals can make it easier for the business to allocate certain resources to achieve their objectives and smart goals.

3. Recommendation reports ensure that the best products or activities are selected over their counterparts with lesser promise. As mentioned above; deciding what to buy; what to present, and what to implement can be onerous procedures. If the business already has a recommendation report, then they can easily know the pros and cons of the item that they will select. The research report examples that are available on the internet can be of great help to you in making the right needed research reports you need.

4. Having recommendation reports at hand can help establishments to maximize the potential of their budget, time and efforts. If proper decisions are made, then it can be advantageous for the current standing of the company as well as to its operations. Also, see performance report examples as well.

How to Create a Recommendation Report Introduction

The introduction of your recommendation report is very important as it gives an idea of the purpose of the document and a preview of the discussion that the stakeholders can expect from your writing. Here is how you can efficiently come up with a recommendation report introduction:

1. Ensure that you are aware of the problem that is currently existing. Maybe it is an issue, an activity or any undertaking that is needed to be decided upon, you should provide a clear and thorough introduction to what it is all about. Project report examples can be used to make the perfect project reports needed.

2. Create a document section that provides details regarding the purpose of the document. This can open the discussion relevant to the selection process which can serve as the foundation of information that the stakeholders will look at. You may also see employee report examples.

3. Specifically, mention all the items that you will compare. Doing this can help the stakeholders or decision-makers have an image of the things that they will compare from one another. You may also see quality report examples. Sometimes, especially when partner brands are involved, the discussion can be more general.

4. Wrap-up your introduction by ensuring that you will be objective with the review that you will create and that your recommendation is based on facts and actual data. If you want to make the right report of your trip professionally, then you can take the help of the trip reports.

Developing the Body of the Recommendation Report

Once you are already done with the introduction of your recommendation report, the next thing that you need to give focus on is the body of your discussion. Here is how you can create the body of the recommendation reports:

1. For your report to be maximized, provide details that can support the purpose of the recommendation.

2. Create a background that specifically identifies the positive and negative impacts of certain decisions. This can be technical, creative, or situational depending on the instance where the recommendation report will be used.

3. Have a precise showcase of each choice so you can present them accordingly. Ensure that you will include all the details that can be used for comparison so that people can be aware of how you came up with your recommendation. The sales report examples can be used to make a report of sales on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, as and when needed.

4. Once you have already presented all the options, you must develop a section that presents the criteria or metrics that you will use for evaluation. Comparisons need a certain measure for it to be considered valid and credible. Making reports in Excel can be tough, but they are better to understand and easy to maintain.

5. If you are already done presenting the metrics that you will use, the next thing to do is to identify the weight of each metrics or the measure on how certain criteria can affect your decision to recommend. You may also see sales report samples.

6. Start analyzing each item based on your presentation. It will be best if you can use categories to present each comparison so the entire discussion can be organized. More so, it can help the decision-makers to align your recommendation with the results of each categorical comparison.

7. Come up with conclusions and recommendations which states the best option in your opinion. Be specific when doing this as you do not want to mislead your readers. Check out the status report examples too.

Are You Ready to Make Your Recommendation Report?

There are downloadable samples and templates of recommendation reports that you can use as guides and references whenever you are already ready to develop your recommendation report. Ensure that you will refer to documents that are related and relevant to the object that you would like to achieve.

Just like in the creation of an evaluation report, the success of your recommendation report depends on the organization, usability, and relevance of the content that you will put in it. Hence, you need to provide measurable, attainable, and realistic recommendations. With the help of the information that you have provided, start drafting and creating a recommendation report that can be a valuable business document for your company.

General FAQs

1. What is a Recommendation Report?

A recommendation report is a paper that compares two or more products/solutions and makes a recommendation of which is the best option that needs to be picked. Since it is used to recommend a course of action beneficial for everyone in and around the business/individual, it is called a recommendation report.

2. What is the use of a Recommendation Report?

A recommendation report usually proposes a solution to a problem, assesses all possible solutions and recommends the best one. Before recommending a solution, the report needs to identify what the problem is. It helps list problems you encounter daily and helps list out what you can do to effectively curb these issues.

3. What should be included in a Recommendation Report?

Include the following in your recommendation report:

  • Title page of the report
  • The name of the client for whom the report is being written and also, the writer who is writing the report
  • The date on which the report is submitted
  • Background details
  • Requirements and options
  • Category-by-category comparisons
  • Conclusions, and finally, the recommendation.

4. How do you write a good Recommendation Report?

Writing a good recommendation report involves describing a situation, evaluating all possible alternatives and proposing the right solution to the problem. Whether you are writing a project, risk or performance assessment, you must state all the facts to make it easier for others to understand and make a decision based on your research.

5. What is the basic outline of a Recommendation Report?

The basic outline of a recommendation report is as follows:

  • Must be written to relate directly to the aims of the project stated
  • Should indicate the extent to which goals have been achieved
  • Summarizing the key finding, outcomes/information in your report
  • Acknowledge limitations
  • Make recommendations for any future work, wherever needed and applicable.

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